1982 Chevrolet Luv Diesel.

November 7, 2014



Ace McGraw said...

Is that one a 4WD then?

Anonymous said...

"My kid and my money go to..."


Tony Piff said...

tremendous find. it's almost too much to keep in my head at once.

nice job making a vehicle in total shadow look completely appealing. i want to be there!

my brain started recognizing this location about five minutes ago without me realizing it. it kind of happened in slow motion. strange experience.

captaingizmo54 said...

Wow! Haven't seen many of these! I'd sure like to have one for a work truck. Those Isuzu
deisels were awesome engines capable of 300K miles without an overhaul. Beside that, you
can make your own deisel fuel from cooking grease to keep it running too! Great to see that
this one still appears to be working.

Justin said...

That is some crazy patina and rust. Love those faded 4WD graphics.

Dan said...

A serious contender for best factory graphics ever...shame about the rust.