1970 Kaiser-Jeep M35.

November 3, 2014



RoadmasterMike said...

Perfect for trucking thru the Zombie Apocolypse.....or any apocolypse.

Anonymous said...


F. Fredburger said...

"Yeah, I think it'll pull my Nomad RV trailer."

captaingizmo54 said...

Sure wish my wife and I had one of these when we were delivering telephone books we could've made a small fortune! Holy crap!! the family pickup truck on some serious steroids!
You folks in Oregon sure have some awesome rides. Next thing I know, Ben and Tony will find
an old parked tank! Thanks for the great post! I really enjoyed it!

Justin said...

That shot of the spare tire with a bunch of foliage around it is awesome.

captaingizmo54 said...

Yeah Fred, I think it would pull your camper and anything else you had in mind. Out
in Utah, tbere was a company that turned these things into tractors for pulling semi
trailers. It does look strange but it works!