1955 Desoto Firedome.

January 25, 2015



Tony Piff said...

all that moisture reminds me of another rambler from way back in the blog's early days.

i wonder if this car would look more compelling with some other wheel/tire combo. i'll never feel any kind of nostalgia for something wearing wide whitewalls.

love the backlit fog in pic #2. dewey morning feels like walking to the bus stop.

RoadmasterMike said...

Sharp car and yeah, it's got a Hemi in it.

Shame he had to mess it up with the window tint, no way to fix that except replace all the glass..

Anonymous said...

What did you do? Make a quick trip to Cuba?

Amazing to see this thing still on the road. Especially in North America.

Strange, weird and oddball.

To think of this as "transportation" seems very counter-intuitive. More like a piece or rolling "found art".

Richard said...

The two tone paint style on the 55' De Soto looks very sharp. I've always liked DeSoto And when I've seen the 55 I never really noticed the two tone paint as strongly as I do in these above pictures. DESOTO ALL THE WAY!!!

MountainMan said...

Roadmaster, window tinting is a film that attaches to the interior side of the glass. It can actually be removed without damaging the glass. It takes some work but with a good handful of elbow grease and mild chemicals it leaves no evidence that the glass ever wore tint

Justin said...

The dew on the Desoto and the fog in the first two shots makes this post a Best Of imo.

Jay Tyan said...

I thought we'd seen this exact car before, but I was wrong! The previous one had the black and white switched and it was a '56 4-door. That's amazing!