1967 Pontiac Tempest Custom.

January 22, 2015



Anonymous said...

Outgoing phone message:

You've reached the Patina residence. Please leave a message or something in our yard. We'll get back to you never. *BEEP*

Bad ass car. Detroit's best styling period, ever.

Tony Piff said...

front view is so great. the fog, the light, the paint. you can almost see the wheels in motion -- sinking into the earth.

best opc goat to date, i think.

Anonymous said...

Great car, and at one point it meant a lot to someone to put the SP plates on it. Damn shame it's rotting. I hope someone rescues it sooner than later. Gonna have to replace the floors, rockers, and quarters if it sits much longer.

captaingizmo54 said...

Haven't seen one of these since a friend of mine owned one in the early '80's! His was a
2+2 model with the bucket seats and factory console to boot. I think it also had some kind
of striping too. He wound up selling it for around $4,000.00. Just a bit too rich for my blood
anyway. This one is quite nice and should be put back on the road.

Thomas said...


This is a nice Tempest and I'm afraid there's nothing but frame left underneath as it's barely on wheels anymore and mostly on the ground.

(I know here in North you'd find only rust at this level of ground contact.)

I can guess that the owner won't sell as 'I'll fix it some day'.

Like my uncle did and now, after 25 years, we have only a pile of rust which at some point was nice -65 Vauxhall Velox with 3,3 liter straight six. My cousins and me aren't happy at all.

RoadmasterMike said...

The "parked on lawn" features are a personal favorite of mine. Used to be plenty of these in Southern NY until clunker laws and "gentrification" caught up with them.

Much as it hurts to see neat old cars rotting away at least they still exist in some form. And perhaps it's a kinder fate than to see yet another oldie butchered with crate motor, 20 inch wheels and genuine, made-in-China fake GTO emblems. Long may it be left to moulder in peace.

Richard said...

Wow everything you said was right on!! I also want to add, the old house with the chipping white paint is another site that has become a dying breed (along with the OPC on the yard) in Rockland County New York

Justin said...

Great shots (my favorite is the one of the 326 badge) but I bet the guy who owns the house is a nut.

Tramontine said...

I love seeing base models still in tact. Most of the surviving Tempests have been cloned into GTOs. I like the garden hose caddy, and the garden hose hanging. Maybe the owner recently washed it?!

Unknown said...

the pontiac emblem in the rear, needs a new home! on my 67 pontiac tempest.
can`t find one in Denmark or the web.. HELP!!!