1973 Dodge Tradesman Xplorer 224.

January 4, 2015



Tony Piff said...

oh man i want to know all about this thing.

i mean it's a van, but it's also 30 feet long.

the roofline is so, so strange in a blank forehead i-don't-know-what-i'm-looking-at kind of way. seems like these always have an awkward a/c unit tacked on top.

i don't actually like the roofline, but i am kind of hypnotized by it. also, if i were going to live in a van, i'd want a pop top. but this is just such a change of scenery.

the no rear doors is a jarring sight also, 'cause it's a van, except when you think about an rv, that's how an rv is.

would love to see the other side of this.

Anonymous said...

This thing is extremely cool. Great find! Nice photos.

Yes, I'd also like to see photos of the other side.

Sure looks clean, straight and well maintained.

Justin said...

Love that white and green stripe two tone.

Anonymous said...

its got a dropped floor so average height people can stand straight, and the roof and rear is fiberglass. Xplorer 224 is what its called.