1979 Dodge Colt Hatchback.

December 12, 2009



Tony Piff said...

re-appreciating this post after more than a year.

i remember scrambling out of the car to get these two shots just as the owner exited the grocery store, and the neighboring parked cars blocking me from getting a profile shot.

one of three rwd colts documented so far.

B.W. said...

Do you actually talk to every owner to get the exact years? If not, man you must know your cars, because there are so many that spanned across a set of years that only had little tiny changes.

Anonymous said...

Definately a 79. We had one that we called the "silver cupcake". It was a motorixed roller skate that was a great driver, very precise steering and great gas economy. Also had the four speed with the extra economy shifter. It was a real blast to drive and we did before we acquired rug rats and needed more space. Thanks for the memories!