Revisited: 1966 P6 Rover 2000TC.

December 2, 2009

Following last night's inaugural post, the Rover was still there when I passed by today, so here are some daylight shots.


Ben Piff said...

Oh jeez that chrome pillar/roof trim in pic 4 is gorgeous! Doesn't that car seem like a collector should have given it a better home by now? The body is all there, after 40 years it still has the hubcaps and pretty much all the lights. I'd love to see it at least with a proper shiny paint job.

Anonymous said...

I moved to the neighborhood last May and walk by this car almost every day. It's been there throughout and was even put back in place after the street cleaning crews came through in December. I've taken seasonal photos of it to show the changing seasons.

Tony Piff said...

@mao: i think it's funny that i went back for better photos, and these crappy shots are what i produced. something about the gutter there, it's always dark and wet, too much contrast with the beautiful cream color of the paint. a difficult shot, but documenting it through the seasons just sounds perfect. i'm waiting for the perfect day with the perfect light to try shooting it again, one last time.