Revisited: 1963 Chevy II 300 Sedan.

March 19, 2010

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I first shot this car on 1/25/10, but I was so distracted by what was next to it that I couldn't fully committed to documenting the Chevy. As more time went on, I realized how many details I was lacking to post the car.

But recently I was shooting a car on the same street and I realized, "Hey, I can go shoot the badges on that Chevy". It wasn't until I imported the photos that I realized something was very different. The owner had tried to remove all that hard earned Oregon patina! Luckily, the age and character of this all original car are still visible if you look closely.

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Ben Piff said...

Can't believe this never got comments, but nonetheless I LOVE the patina/oxidation before and after.