1979 Pontiac Phoenix Sedan.

March 9, 2010



coopey said...

Fantastic find.

Unknown said...

That Phoenix emblem looks sweet.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this car until right now.

Ben Piff said...

That sounds about right.

Tony Piff said...

i was just going back through iphoto sorting old images and found this car. i hadn't thought about it once since posting it way back in the first months of the blog's existence.

at the time, the car was a regular sight in the neighborhood. i think i can recall the young woman driver arriving most mornings for a job or something.

i didn't like the car then, and i think i only documented it out of a sense of obligation. i had no idea what a rare find it was.

if i crossed paths with another one today, i think my eyes might explode out of my head.

wish i'd had a better camera.