1973 Dodge Tradesman 300 Travco Travel-Wagon.

August 30, 2010



Justin said...

Restore it and turn it into a shaggin' wagon.

Ben Piff said...

You really don't hear much about Thavco these days, I mean Travco. I miss that.

DELTA 9 1/2 said...

I own a Class C Family Wagon by Travco. Neat vans, and the Frank body is second to none.

Ben Piff said...

Is this the only portrait-style OPC profile shot?

Anonymous said...

I owned a 1974 Sportman Royal B300
Excellent Vehicle used by an
Electric Company in Minnesota,
then sold to a Junk Yard, when I purchased it for $1,500.00 used as
a Family Van/Work Truck, in 1988.
Then, added wrecker heavy duty push bumper to front and car wash
500 pound counter weight, for rear bumper, with hitches in 1987.
Then used as Push Truck for local Wreckers. Always Started even at
40 below in North Dakota. Scrapped
in 2003, over 300,000 miles on it.