Corolla House #2: 1978 Toyota Corolla Deluxe Wagon.

August 22, 2010

Two '78s in the driveway, one of which is always gone from nine to five, and a 1990 Tercel EZ hatchback on the curb, which is also someone's daily driver.



Ben Piff said...

What the heck do you mean "EZ hatchback". I need badge documentation or I don't believe it.

Jonny V said...

I had a '78 wagon like this in green in 2000. The little squirt came from Oregon. You never see them here in Chicago due to the road salt used in the winters. Wish I never got rid of the little bugger.

Anonymous said...

It's gotta be a sight to my neighbors when they see my 2 E70 Corolla 2 door sedans in the summer... I own an 81 and an 83.