1976 MG Midget 1500 Special.

August 31, 2010



Ben Piff said...

Saw this car in my neighborhood, went back the next day to find a tow notice on it. Sure enough, a neighbor told me it was for sale, and I never know what to say. But I've driven by sine and they've reparked it and the car looks to be safe for the time being.

Ben Piff said...

No other comments?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ben --

Is this car still in your neighborhood? I just received an eNewsletter from University Motors, Ltd. in Grand Rapids, MI. They're looking for a white Midget 1500 Special with stripes, just like this one. If the car is still around, please contact johntwist@universitymotorsltd.com

Many thanks! -- David

Anonymous said...

I just saw one of these parked in front of my house here in San Francisco.