Submission: 1960 Triumph TR3 Roadster.

August 3, 2010

Dad sent these over, "from a co-worker who sometimes checks out your blog."

Thanksamill, Dad and Co-Worker. Great shots!


Unknown said...

It is more likely a 1963 or earlier. I do not think the TR3 was manufactured until 1959 or so. I have a 1960 and it looks the same as this one. The predecessor was a TR2 and this is not a TR2

tony said...

so it's a 1960 tr3? thanks for the help, jim!

Anonymous said...

I have a 1960 triumph estate 4dr station wagon badge 10 how much do you thinks it's worth ??

Anonymous said...

As with everything else, it depends. What condition is it in? I paid $200 for my 1960 T10 Wagon in rough but complete condition. We will have far more invested then it will ever be worth when it is finished.