1961 Mercury Colony Park Woody Wagon.

November 17, 2010



Ben Piff said...

I really liked the way the owner told me it was a "1961 Colony Park Woody Wagon", and this is the elusive 9 seater with a rebuilt engine. He said it was really fun to drive, when I jokingly asked what kind of mileage he could get, he looked at the ground and wouldn't answer. His kids said, "it's not good". But they love it. The owner of the car runs a really good looking BBQ food cart on 39th/Cesar Chavez between Stark and Belmont. Then the owner of the art gallery next door asked me to bring some of car shots by to post in the gallery. Pretty fun.

Dan said...

Good for him. Major kudos to anyone who forgoes practicality for character.

tony said...

the wood is obviously real, but is it original or a customization?

fantastic catch, prompted me to click through the "wagons" tag and see what-all other sixties wagons we've accumulated in the database. let me tell you, we have nowhere near enough.


Justin said...

Beautiful, somewhat well-aged wood. Love the fender mounted mirror, pretty bitchin'.

Ryan said...

There is a guy on eBay selling your photos as fridge magnets, he is claiming ownership of them and even of some of mine.


Ryan said...

I really wish you would report the guy on eBay, he is hurting a lot of people by stealing from them, and the more that report him the better the chance of him getting booted from eBay.