Peugeot Sensory Overload, Part 4 of 7: 1965 404 Convertible.

November 29, 2010



Ron Levy said...

What a great looking car! Where in Portland is this beauty?

tony said...

man, the bare side panels here, completely unmarked with reflector or indicators, are a pleasure to behold. the front indicators just below the headlights are cute, and that "404" on the nose is remarkably modern for a '65.

i just noticed it has oregon plates over a yellow euro plate. neat! none of the others do, but i note that the split bumper on the '68 wagon is sized for it.

@carnut: the collection is in northeast portland, not too far out.

Mike Tippett said...

Could someone do me a favour and ask the owner to pass the serial number onto me through the following link?

Alternatively, the owner could correspond with me at mtippett -AT- cvrd dot bc dot ca

I am doing the Peugeot 404 worldwide serial number Registry for Le Club 404 in France. We have 1522 Coupés and Cabriolets in the Registry so far, this one might be number 1523!

I have the hardtop version of this same car, the Coupé.

Mike Tippett said...

Well despite not getting connected with the owner of this car (yet?) I have good news: the total number of Peugeot 404 Coupés and Cabriolets in the Register is now 1600.

Mike Tippett said...

Got the number! 4499041

The total is now 1673 cars!