1975 Honda Civic.

November 26, 2010

The original owner told me he added just about every dealer option there was, and working security for a number of years resulted in a number of added accessories. From a full sized Maglite attached to the driver door, to the slot for his cane next to his seat, to the extra switches added to the overhead console, to the more obvious toys.


Ben Piff said...

The only thing he said it needed were some front shocks, which he hasn't been able to find. To run all his accessories, he had an alternator customized to put out a few more volts, and he's had it rebuilt a few times because there's not a replacement that will do the job.

Justin said...

I hope that's dirt on the car, and not salt....
Otherwise,awesome find and great anecdote.

tony said...

thanks for the story, i can totally picture the security guard chillin' inside this car, reading by the light of his ceiling-mounted booklamp. that chrome nipple on the dealer accessory ceiling "console" looks like an airplane-style ventilation fan, but i'm pretty sure it's just another light.

lol @ car phone.

is that woodgrain fender trim?

i'm concerned for the mental health of this person.

Ben Piff said...

The man who owns it was a sweet older gentleman, I bet he hasn't worked security in decades. I tried to get a shot with him in it, but it wasn't really possible and I didn't want to weird him out. I'm not sure if I already said it, but he added a light to that console. Yes, the woodgrain fender trim was another dealer option, and he was very disappointed about the integrity of the adhesive. Apparently he had to reglue/tape it very early on.

Ben Piff said...

Heck yeah to the woodgrain tag. By the way, I can't believe I'm just now noticing how perfect that backdrop on the profile is.

How will this Civic ever be topped?