1966 Studebaker Commander.

February 15, 2012

When this car was spotted in November, I speculated that it was a restoration nearing completion and that we might see it again soon, with grill and badging intact. Well, here you go. A fresh daily driver glistening in the morning rain.


Chris said...

Wow. Was this Studebaker's answer to the Mustang?

Kinda scary.

Ben Piff said...

I want nothing more from any photo. That rear angle is intense, the cuts really make it look like it's moving away from you. This nicely fills the niche for me of "If I decided that I wanted something a little quirkier than a Dodge Dart".

Also the emblems are wonderfully subtle, even from a distance. Wonderful C pillar and back window, bah so much to savor, so hard to not ramble. Would love to enjoy a cup of coffee with the owner while they talked me through the car.

Anonymous said...

The Hamilton plant did wonderful cars to the bitter end.

Justin said...

Awesome lines, and a beautiful color to boot.