Wash me! Okay! 1967 Mercury Monterey.

February 11, 2012

As documented a year ago here, when its state had me at a loss for words.


Tony Piff said...

the punchline i really wanted was a play on "no moss" and "no mas," but i just couldn't pull it together to my satisfaction.

two cars down from saab #1.

Justin said...

Ho-ly shit. Look at it! Looks like a COMPLETELY different car!
Looks great.

Adam Holter said...

Wow...what a transformation! Awesome car.

Ben Piff said...

I've never been more proud of the protective Oregon patina. I've been sayin it for years now, most of the mossy cars we've seen are being similarly preserved.

I'll have to perform a cheap car buying experiment some day, gambling a couple thousand bucks to get together a handful of dope-mossy cars to see what they look like underneath. The goal will be to triple the value with a simple washing.

Pete said...

Shame they hooked the bumper when they washed it :)

clifton.ra said...

Five-O, Dano.