1980 Volkswagen Dasher.

February 13, 2012



Justin said...

Rare as hell....yet you found another one. That front steelie looks terrible on it, the rear one is stock and looks fine. Front steelie could be a spare.

Tony Piff said...

so cool and modern and sleek, especially with the [mismatched] black steelies.

i mean, those lines are either boldly honest, or just plain, and i'm romanticizing the shape.

somewhere between the scirocco and the dasher wagon, there was this. so is it yellow?

tremendous find.

Anonymous said...

Mine was the '77 4-door version of this. The color is Dakota Beige. I think I still have my tube of touch-up paint.
Mine finally rusted itself to death in '85. RIP, I still think of it often. Great car.