1964 Ford Fairlane 500.

June 5, 2012



Anonymous said...

Photo 3 is awesome.

Calvin said...

Notice the green wheels... it's a shame the whole car isn't still that color!

Justin said...

Indeed, would be great with the correct color coded dogdishes.
Great lighting in all the shots.
Also, haven't been commenting lately due to PC trouble, got it back today however.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at this blog (one of the best on the whole internets) for a long time now and I will until I die or every old rare vehicle in Portland is documented.

Does Portland have a Plymouth Trailduster? Maybe not but that's what keeps me coming back to this blog. It might happen.

Chris said...

Nice to see one of these still around. I used to have two. Both 4 door cars. of them A Skylight blue one with a 289/C4 auto and a Tan (originally Maroon/white top, with a 260 and column 3 speed.