1980 Toyota Celica.

June 28, 2012



Chris said...

Sad, looks good! Looks like all it needs is a good cleaning but it must be on the lawn for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Great conceptual art.

great white tiburon said...

that celica has a sad look on it's face it says RESCUE ME!! looks like it has little to no rust just too much moss. it's been parked since o7'that's 5 years of just sitting. it's a shame that the owner lets it just rot. the owner should sell it even if it doesn't run, the owner could probably get at least 500 and even more if it does run. that's money in the pocket for the seller and a awesome second gen celica gt fixer upper for the buyer.

Anonymous said...

Pop a new battery in it, give it some fresh gasoline, and I bet it will start right up! It may take a while to rid the interior of the awful smell of mouse urine, though!

Justin said...

Anon2 summed it up perfectly.
Man, look at all the moss/lichens on that baby.
I'm going to assume the house is abandoned too.

Khurram Siddiqui said...

i am from Pakistan, i wanna buy it, how can i contact the owner.
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chris moretti said...

I'm interested in buying this Celica, my number is 805 982 0875.