What the? 1983 Fairmont MT-19 Speeder.

June 27, 2012

And my life would never be the same.
1983 Fairmont MT-19 Speeder.
 1983 Fairmont MT-19 Speeder.
 1983 Fairmont MT-19 Speeder.


dead_elvis said...

Bet it handles like it's on rails.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily parked? How about just a 'not parked' tag :P

Justin said...

@dead_elvis, LOL.
So, what's the story on these? I googled, but all I got was pics, no info. Pretty sweet find.

Anonymous said...

As with everything there's a big sub-culture around these things. Originally built for inspections or maintenance, they're now used for hobby excursion.

More here: http://www.narcoa.org/