1976 Ford Maverick.

June 19, 2012

1976 Ford Maverick Fastback.
 1976 Ford Maverick Fastback.
 1976 Ford Maverick Fastback.


swiftman007 said...

I always hate the rear of these cars... dont know why, must be the tailights

Anonymous said...

The tailights are the same as those used on the Ford Pinto.

Luxurycar24h said...

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Justin said...

Uh-oh,a spambot.
Anyway, totally dig this Maverick. Great patina and the wheels look great on it.

Dave said...

Love the baby moons. Surprising to see the chrome trim complete (and undamaged?). Alas the poor Maverick! Never as loved as the Novas, but still a fun mini-fastack from Ford.