In Living Color: 1979 Toyota Corolla Sedan.

September 1, 2012

1979 Toyota Corolla Sedan.
1979 Toyota Corolla Sedan.
1979 Toyota Corolla Sedan.


Jim said...

These used to be as common as pennies!

Chris said...

Give me this over a new Corolla anyday!

Justin said...

100 percent agreed with Chris. This car has personality and soul, nothing like a modern Dronerolla.

Anonymous said...

my mom bought one in yellow new on 1977&she is still driving it in melbourne(australia)&same motor as the american model but without all those emission parts(faster&more HP)with approx 700,000 KM on meter&still stock engine(started burning some oil around 550k KM about a litre every 5000 KM,not bad)after 35 years still returning about 6 litres for 100KM on express way.amazing quality that do not see anymore.

Dave said...

I feel so at home looking at this car. I had a gold wagon. I wish, I wish, I wish. Never should have gotten rid of it. The Brat I got afterwards didn't last too long!