1979 Toyota Corona Liftback.

September 19, 2012

1979 Toyota Corona Liftback.
 1979 Toyota Corona Liftback.
 1979 Toyota Corona Liftback.


Anonymous said...

used to have one in gold with manual trans,bought it new on 1980 and drove it till 9 month ago,sold it with over 450k miles on meter,still stock engine&still no burnning oil.bought a new camry&i will be lucky if it lasts 150k miles.

J+ said...

Did not realize the Corona was produced that late .. zero resemblance to the stylish classic models

Anonymous said...

yes,actually corona stayed in production till afew years ago,but they had it replaced by camry (i think in 84)here in north america.i used to have a 74 corona station wagon with 20R&4 speed manual.fun car to have&with over 200k miles on clock,was still reliable enough to make it from N.CAROLINA to CALIFORNIA without any issues.

Ben Piff said...

I'd love to experience those Luxury Edition velour seats. I still maintain that I will own one of these some day!

Justin said...

Same here Ben, I bet they are comfortable as hell. Would love to own one and baby it, wouldn't molest it one bit.
Shame about that one dent in the rear driver's side door.
Eh, gives it character I guess, plus it kind of fits with the slight patina.

adam.giguere said...

Saw one of those not too long ago