1967 Checker Marathon Wagon.

September 22, 2012

No restoration, no problem. This is all original.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! Its beautiful because in its own way. These cars were designed to be a commercial vehicle right from the start. And I love how they stayed the same forever. This car is a true survivor.

Dave said...

These cars are huge inside and out. I wish they still made them.

Tony Piff said...

too much! it's either a true zero-mile car or a nice restoration, and i guess we'll just believe the owner's claim, but who has ever heard of a "survivor" class checker? cool to compare this minty example with this rainy driver.

surprised we haven't spotted more sedans.

i'm not real crazy about the shoebox shape, in general, mostly because they're all just garage queens by now, but the fact that checker kept it going into the 1970's makes me love them. i'm going to go check ebay for original-paint cars.

great white tiburon said...

always liked the fact that these cars had 50's looks all throughout their production run, it's kinda what Lada did with the Niva. the Niva was produced from 1977 to September 21st 2012, and it looked pretty much the same throughout it's production run.
I always thought that was kinda cool when car companies had a car or truck with a long production run and had no major redesign.

Justin said...

Same here, Tiburon.
Gorgeous lighting-what a time to shoot such a car. A gorgeous sun set.
Love the Checker wagons with dogdishes.