1966 Plymouth Belvedere II.

March 4, 2013

1966 Plymouth Belvedere II.
1966 Plymouth Belvedere II.
1966 Plymouth Belvedere II.


Ace McGraw said...

Awesome. Mid 60s cars are some of the most stylish. They've got rid of the excessive finds and chrome of the 50s and yet to get curved and bloated like the 70s. I want this car!

Dave said...

You said it Ace- this is a clean and simply badass look. I'm particularly fond of the c-pillar and the overall square styling. These old Mopars look fast even sitting still. Another winner Tony!

Anonymous said...

I have a '66 Belvedere. Love the lines on these and the Satellite from '66-'67. They get more beefy starting in '68, but keep the lines. It's all about the lines.

Anonymous said...

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Tim in MO said...

I almost bought a Belvedere when I was in high school - it was robin-egg blue, which turned me on it.

Justin said...

Anon2 is obviously a spammer.
This piece of 'Par tin looks really mean with the steelies and slight patina.