1969 Ford Fairlane.

March 14, 2013

Ah yes, I seen that one! (Ben's photos)

1969 Ford Fairlane Hardtop.
1969 Ford Fairlane Hardtop.
1969 Ford Fairlane Hardtop.


Anonymous said...

Those wheels, combined with the overall stance and generally beat up look are awesome.

Anonymous said...

It a 68, I only know because I own a gold sedan in nearly the same shape.

Anonymous said...

Loved the '68-'69 Fairlane/Torino/Ranchero bodies.

I had a Red '68 Ranchero GT and a '69 Fairlane 500 Yellow with black vinyl top.

Miss them terribly.

Justin said...

"ford falcon Australia" is a spammer.
Anyway, this thing is badass. Slotmags, that 60's-70's shade of green with light patina with those small dents...do want.

Richard said...

You're correct it is a 68, the taillights give it away. If you look at a full-size 68 Ford LTD, the taillights will be similar to the Fairlane for 68. Same thing with the 69 full-size Fords, the taillights will be similar to the Fairlane. I can kind of see why you see a lot more surviving 68-69 General Motors midsize cars from that era. They obviously sold more. I'm not against Ford, I really love the 66- 67 Fairlane fastback it's very clean, just the 68 & 69 Two-door sedans were kind of boring.
The 68–69 fastbacks; now that was a mean looking Ford. I Kind of wish they used a 68 MERCURY fastback in the movie bullet, since its competitor was the charger.