1968 Mercedes-Benz 200D.

March 5, 2013

1968 Mercedes-Benz 200D.
1968 Mercedes-Benz 200D.
1968 Mercedes-Benz 200D.


Anonymous said...

Really nice. You have to start with something that is already pretty bullet-proof in order to have it stay on the road as long as this one has.

But I'm sure there have been many times over the last twenty years when this thing needed repairs or maintenance that was not economically justifiable, given the value of the car. Those repairs would have had to have been done just because the owner thought it was a neat idea to keep this thing rolling.

J+ said...

Last year of the Heckflosse, awesome. I longed for one for a while but can't imagine dealing with the rust.
Nothing like a classic diesel benz though, truly a tank on wheels.

Howard said...

Beautiful car, well made and obviously well loved. Great job on the photography considering the fact that it was dusk and the light was fading. I know if I'd tried taking pictures in that light it would have been a disaster.

great white tiburon said...

that's a cool Benz. I love diesel versions of cars and this is one where you can park it on the street and not worry about it getting a ding here or there. she looks like she's in great shape. I can't tell from the pics but if it has one of those cool vertical speedo's that some of the 60's benz's often had that would be cool to see it illuminate in the dark.

Dave said...

I love these old 200's. A friend of mine had one. He'd always forget to turn the lights off and we'd always be push starting it. Tons of room inside and loads of fun.

Unknown said...

I have heard COUNTLESS people of "Luxury" cars i.e. Cadillac owners, Mercedes, Infinite, ect. finally drive a BMW and say how its worlds better to drive, fun, better handling, ect.