1982 Toyota Starlet.

March 12, 2013



SeattleO said...

Haha, this car was posted on Curbside Classic a couple months ago. Love these things. Great proportions, cool front end. The stripe on the side of them all is also pretty sweet.

Justin said...

I thought that color scheme+wheels looked familiar, I remember this on CC.
I dig these Starlets too, love the proportions and solo square headlights.

Cash Lunsford said...

A starlet! I had an 81 with a 4KE Japanese motor swapped in after the original 4KC died. The car would bury the 85mph speedo in 3rd and condtinue to pull 4th and 5th gear. Not sure what the actual top speed was but I'm sure well past 100mph. Scary fast for a glorified washing machine.

sexyhammer said...

guess GWT's palette isn't refined enough to post a comment on this little piece of Japanese automotive history.

these cars are awesome or awesomely terrible depending on who you ask. terribly thin rust-prone sheet metal barely encasing the occupants, the equivalent of folding lawn chairs and a plastic and vinyl desk barely managing to mimic a passenger compartment, a wheezing sub-100hp power plant... but slap together a T or K engine or even a 4AG and hold onto your ass. prefer these with N2 flares and bugeyes in TRD livery, but to each their own. perfect candidate for a set of $1300 wide Toscos imported from the Philippines.