1986 Dodge "The Sultan" Ram Van LWB.

April 28, 2013



cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

if the van's a steamin', dont come a ...er....um, scheming?

Anonymous said...

More like the Insultan.

Tony Piff said...

un. frickin. believable.

i had no idea.

there's something very "opc" about minivans. unappreciated, dorky, utilitarian. add some custom in-your-face "swag" and you've got a truly cringe-worthy people hauler depreciating faster than gravity.

but wait 20 or 30 years until SUVs have replaced these on the road completely, and the kids who grew up in them are finding their mid-life crises, and mark my words--these will be every bit as cool and collectible as a Nomad station wagon.

Justin said...

Those hubcaps, the paintjob and badging....talk about 80's.