1987 Nissan Sentra SE Sport Coupé.

April 5, 2013

Mid eighties Japanese hatchbacks stickin' together, see the Camry.


great white tiburon said...

oh wow. I had totally forgot about these things. great find.

Nate said...

Quintessentially eighties to me. I assume the gauge cluster is one of Nissan's graph-paper grid (which was so high-tech looking) deals.


Justin said...

These are cool as hell, great find. Love the profile and the rear shot.

Anonymous said...

Oh you photoed this one.

I remember this gen of Sentra also offered a bodystyle of 3dr hatch, which is extremely hard to see today.


CarOli said...

Sentras of this era could be had in this sport coupe, 2-door sedan, 3-door hatchback (rare in the USA like Mark said), 4-door sedan, and 5-door hatchback. PLUS the Nissan Pulsar NX which was also basically a Sentra.

Since the 2000 model year all we get is a 4-door sedan. So boring!