1993 Acura NSX.

April 27, 2013

I don't really think two decades is very old, but I also don't think there's another exotic I'd rather see on the front page of OPC.
1993 Acura NSX.
1993 Acura NSX.
1993 Acura NSX.


Anonymous said...

I know another exotic vehicle I would like to see, a Lamborghini LM002. I wonder if there's even one them in Oregon.

CM said...

Can't believe it's 20 years old either, it still looks fresh! This car was my childhood thanks to Gran Turismo!

Michael Orr said...

I usually go for 25 years as my limit. But when I find something cool, it's worth breaking that. As this is!

Anonymous said...

Not to give you a hard time but do dealership cars qualify as OPC?

Tony Piff said...

that's an astute question, anon.

there's a mental checklist in my head, itemizing all the features that make an opc "count." some positive items are weighted heavily, some are merely "bonuses" that add to a car's coolness.

likewise, some negatives are fundamentally problematic. is it possible for a shiny restored vintage bmw with modern customizations to "count" as an opc? maybe just barely.

what saves this post in my mind is the fact that the car has no dealer sticker and it's not really on display, plus the quirky cool factor of the nsx. but i may be wrong.

Justin said...

First two words that came to mind-Pulp Fiction.

Unknown said...

While these looked good...they were too boring looking and underpowered. 276hp is not enough a car like this should have had a minimum of 400hp under hood. Just bland and well...Honda-ish. Probably the lamest of all "supercars" ever made.

Anonymous said...

LAME?? Dude, Really??? This car still is a crowd pleaser. Just because a car has higher hp... doesn't make it FASTER.

Whatsa matter did your wife cheat on you with a guy with a HONDA?

Your comment is more towards hating Honda than untrue BS about the NSX... also, you're an IDIOT.

I'm not a Honda fanboy, either... I prefer Nissans. Your comment is so STUPID, it needed a follow up.

CycoPablo said...

First in class at 95 Le Mans 24hr = good enough!

Dominick said...

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