Volvo, We Barely Knew Thee: Tony's 1986 245.

April 15, 2013

We bought this Burgundy Brick on Christmas Eve 2012 from a professor in Ashland, OR. It had 125k miles, complete service records and some needs, and we paid $1,000 for it. We made the 300-mile return trip home that same night without issue. After another $1,000 in parts and labor, it was the low-mile, well-maintained roadtrip-mobile we hoped it would be, except my wife figured out that she just was just totally burned out on 240s. So away it went to a fortunate new owner for $2,500, and we moved on to a slightly newer rig that has airbags and air conditioning, but alas--no third-row seat in the crumple zone.

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1986 Volvo 245 wagon.
1986 Volvo 245 wagon.
1986 Volvo 245 wagon third row seat.
1986 Volvo 245 wagon.
1986 Volvo 245 wagon.


great white tiburon said...

love the bricks. they are highly praised no matter where you are. said...

Aww, and a GL at that. So sorry.

Ludvig K said...

nice car //ludvig, stockholm, sweden