More megapixels, more glass, more light: 1969 Toyota Corona Deluxe, revisited.

September 14, 2011

Prevously documented using cutting edge camera phone technology.


Tony Piff said...

oh happy happy day.

i remember vividly how frustrating i found that original post. what a perfect amazing find it was, but obviously captured under compromised circumstances.

that's a banner headliner profile shot.

i want to say, "who needs more car than this?" but i also have to answer myself, "pretty much everybody." wow that's small. inconceivable that there might be four seats in there.

whether or not that rear glass rolls down, this is getting the "hardtop" tag.

been itching for a vintage toyota post. thank you.

Anonymous said...

this thing is beautiful.
what a wonderful shape.

These images make me want to talk about minimalism, patina and post-modernism.

Justin said...

Indeed so, anon.
That side profile is irresistible.

Tony Thayer said...

Was this the car that was parked on 37th and Division for so long? I want to say that it got replaced with another old two-door sometime last year.