1940 Chevrolet Master 85 Panel Wagon.

April 19, 2014



Tony Piff said...

this is freaking fantastic. no "nice rack" tag??? are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Класс !

Anonymous said...

I just saw this car roll past South 54th and Oakes street in Tacoma this afternoon. Unless it was this one's double. These cars are sooooo common, ya know.


clifton.ra said...

It is a wonder this vehicle survived the hippie camper era without some owner carving it up.

captaingizmo54 said...

Yeah, you folks really have it nice there. We don't see cars like this in florida mainly
because they've either crushed, or bought up by collectors who never get around to
restoring them. Your blog is a rolling buffet of everything that makes motoring great.
And I gotta tell ya' fellas, I just can't pull my eyes away from the screen! BTW, Tony
did you folks get the pics that I sent you of some of the OPC's we have here? I've
got a line on a '64 Chevy that is owned by a friend of mine. She has owned this
car since new. She just parked it for good last year when she got a late model SUV.
Well, back to the buffet! Thank God these pictures aren't fattening! If they were, I'd
wigh a ton by now.

Anonymous said...

Looks like its still on the job. Considering most commercial vehicles were beat to death.

Anonymous said...

greener than 10 priuses, and clearly lasts much longer

Justin said...

I like the fender skirts on it, great shot of the hood ornament too.

sexyhammer said...

jury's still out on whether the ladder is for work or for looks. my vote is the latter considering the overall condition of the car and the conspicuous sticker placement.

the hands-down best aspect of this post: the "MASTER======85=======" plaque.