1973 Buick Centurion.

April 23, 2014



CarOli said...

It must have been confusing to Buick buyers during those few years that they made the midsize Century and the full size Centurion.

captaingizmo54 said...

Never really thought about that one! When you ordered one with a 455, you had
quite a hot rod for such a large car. I remember seeing these cars when they were
new. Even then, they were huge. They were Buick's answer to the Coupe DeVille,
only a few inches shorter and some 200 pounds lighter. If ya' think that's pretty,
you should've seen the ragtop.

tim said...

Did you see the Ford pickup in background?

Anonymous said...

Julia Rodriguez is a spam bot

Jay Tyan said...

beautiful buick. Also, I'm curious about that Ford pickup in the background - a '57-60 model as far as I can tell from the back