1972 BMW 3.0 CSL.

April 13, 2014



Tony Piff said...

i don't know how easy it is to keep one of these running, but heck if it's not an irresistible form. just beautiful. love the rims, the deep black paint, the shiny chrome trim everywhere.

glad to see ben putting in work on some grainy night shots. super legit.

i was sure this was downtown seattle, even with the oregon plate. those highrises just look so "big city" in a way that most of portland doesn't. i had to google "qdoba portland" to figure out that it was, in fact, portland.

Mikael said...

It's refreshing to once see a car that's not in the "hood"... for a while I thought that Portland is just an endless suburbia, lol.

If that's a genuine CSL, it's a very rare find indeed. I commend you on the photos.

Anonymous said...

I thought these things are worth a ton of money, so i was surprised to see one out on the street.

Very nice photos, very evocative, beautiful evening setting.

Frank said...

Photos are well done...Kudos Ben! There's so much to like about this car, the lines are wonderful. It looks like it's dark green, which would be a great color. Not loving the chrome on the wheel arch flares, but I never have liked that on any car. (Why do people do that?). I don't know a single manufacturer that puts that trim on out of the factory. If it came that way from BMW, I'd be surprised.

Thomas said...

@Frank: It didn't, just painted arches.

@Anonymous & @Mikael: They are, at least here in Europe, a nice one starts from 40k and fully restored ones are easily 100k. (Rough approximates so $ vs. euro isn't really relevant).

Also £40-£70k in UK, not a cheap car.

I love the idea someone is driving it around just like that, in city traffic: Cars are built to be driven, even expensive ones.

Still slightly scary ...

Justin said...

Some great lighting in these pics, really makes the car stand out.

Anonymous said...

best part is they drive it!
park on curb and go eat.
thats real. and why this car beats a show queen.
My car is a older resto and sooner than later, she will be back in driver form rather than show queen.
It will be great to not worry again just enjoy

Anonymous said...

Beautiful car! Great pics as always, guys!