Best-of Revisited: 1972 Mercedes-Benz 220D Estate.

April 27, 2014

We picked this as one of our favorite cars of the year when Ben photographed it in 2010. Since then I've passed by it many times, always parked in the same residential spot. So I was particularly pleased to cross paths with the car out running errands in the wider world.
1972 Mercedes Benz 220D Wagon.
1972 Mercedes Benz 220D Wagon.
1972 Mercedes Benz 220D Wagon.


SeattleO said...

Wow, I never realized how rare these early ones are. I guess I just lumped them in with the common later ones. Love the profile--the juxtaposition of the curvy c(?) pillar with the squared off rear end is interesting.

Frank said...

Wow, I've never seen one! We're these imported into the US or is this a gray market?

Alex said...

The follow-up model was the first Mercedes that had a wagon in the regular model range. This must have been something specific back in the days, maybe a hearse or an ambulance.

captaingizmo54 said...

I don't think its a hearse or an ambulance. Could've been a specially ordered station wagon
using that platform. Cadillac did the same thing with its Superior platform. These were called
Broadmoore or Celebrity. Not too many people bought them due to the stigma they carried
with them. Wouldn't mind owning one.

JJ McMahon said...

As somebody said in the 2010 post, this estate was build probably by BINZ in Germany or, less probably, by I.M.A. in Belgium
Check that the I.M.A.'s rear door is different than the one catched by Tony:

Donkey Hoaty said...

Now THAT is cool! ...and different! Never seen an early Benz wagon before! They're so much nicer than the later production ones! Wouldn't mind driving that at all. With the raised roof, I'd really think it was for some sort of commercial use. (Love the Duster in the new banner, too!)

Anonymous said...

It's almost a Vista-Cruiser!

Anonymous said...

My Ex's grandfather had a 200d Fintail Binz built wagon from new. Poor thing sat in the driveway for years until the mid 90's when they city made them get rid of it. Wish I had married and divorced her a little sooner : )

Thomas said...

First I was going to disagree with you as it very much looks like the ambulances we had here in North, but height doesn't match and rear side window is totally different from those (small series production) ambulances and/or hearses.

Very interesting find as it doesn't match to anything I can find with google images.

It looks more like a home-made version as the rear side window really doesn't match to the rest of the car, professionals usually won't leave it looking like that.