1962 Mercury Comet Custom.

July 16, 2014

1962 Mercury Comet Custom.
1962 Mercury Comet Custom.
1962 Mercury Comet Custom.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the link in the comment above is some kind of spear-fishing attempt.

Regarding the Mercury which is the subject of today's blog post, I love this car and really also love the color. That is just awesome.

captaingizmo54 said...

Wonder if it's a well-preserved original or a great restoration. Either way, it's still a
great looking ride. And like all other Comets, it grows on you over time.

Donkey Hoaty said...

(Oh, the Cap'n knows I love this'un!)

And what a great color! Beautiful car! Simplicity AND style! These things with a six in 'em got gas mileage that would put most of today's cars to shame.

captaingizmo54 said...

Hi Don! I'm glad you saw this too! I'd just read your post and was telling my family
how simple these cars were to repair after getting socked with a big repair bill on our
'97 Plymouth minivan. I could've fixed it myself if my health problems hadn't gotten
in the way. Seeing this car made me want one all over again. These little critters ran
a robust 6 cylinder engine that was capable of at least 35 MPG, depending on the
transmission and carbeurator used. A stick shift car with a 1-barrel carb could very
well produce such high MPG numbers, while a car with an auto tranny and 2-barrel
carb would give slightly less mileage. The only annoying thing about these cars was
the vaccuum wiper system that ran off the fuel pump. In bad weatber, you'd be hard
pressed to get the rain or snow off the windshield fast enough to see completely just
where you were going. I'd certainly replace this with a modern electrical wiper system.
Other than that, make mine a wagon please!

Donkey Hoaty said...

Well-said, Cap'n! (and howdy!)

Funny thing is, my ne'er-do-well sister (the driver of cheap refugees from the junkyard) had one of these in the very early 80's. 'Course, it was nowhere near as nice as this 'un. The thing I remember most about that car, was that the trunk lid was at JUST the right height and angle, to make a very comfy prop to lean against in the evening after dinner and watch the sunset! I could lean against that car all day! It was better than a recliner! Sadly, someone coming off the Long Island Expressway without looking, nailed it...and that was the end of that 'un! (I'll email ya soon, Cap'n...just been taking advantage of the unusually cool weather here and getting stuff done!)

Grumpy Cat said...

No SCM tag?

Unknown said...

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