1984 Nissan 720 4x4.

July 31, 2014

1984 Nissan 720 4x4 4wd Pickup.
1984 Nissan 720 4x4 4wd Pickup.
1984 Nissan 720 4x4 4wd Pickup.


great white tiburon said...

good lookin truck. it will never let you forget it's 4 wheel drive, just like 80's cars that had a "TURBO".

Anonymous said...

Neat old 720. I have/had 2 of the later hardbodies (D21) and they are excellent little trucks. Far out thing - these 720s were built in the US starting in the early 1980s. Pretty far ahead of the curve but that's Nissan for you.

Anonymous said...

Additionally, on the topic of funny 80s graphics - I think VW takes the cake for its 2wd decals applied to non-syncro Vanagons. Bragging about 2wd, now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

is it fwd or rwd? wish there was some way to tell.

captaingizmo54 said...

Last of the great Datsun trucks! The Hardbodies that replaced them were crap. If the rust
issues didn't kill 'em, the lack of parts did. My SIL was seeing a young man that owned an '87
model that he bought new. His truck came with a defective clutch that had to be replaced.
The dealership in Winter Haven told him that he'd have to wait 6 months before a replacement
unit would be available. In fact, he was beside himself when he found out that he was on a
waiting list for the part. After some old fashioned phone calls, I was able to get him a lightly
used unit off a totalled '86. He should've bought one of several '83 and '84 models still left
on the dealer's lot!

Anonymous said...

Um if that was in 87, certainly the teething problems have wore off. You may want to re-evaluate your stance on d21s.

Grumpy Cat said...

If you drive this, everyone knows you have a 4x4.

Justin said...

Without the decal, I totally wouldn't known this was a 4x4, thanks Datsun/Nissan!
Sarcasm aside, these trucks are awesome, especially with the 80's-rific 4x4 decals.

captaingizmo54 said...

Those problems may have solved where you live Anon, but it was very bad here in
Polk County Florida. Many banks and other lenders refused to make loans for these
trucks due to their mechanical issues and lack of service. In fact, Toyota was effected
too. My banker turned down my loan request for a new Hi-Lux pickup because of
Nissan's track record on these problems. Oh, I had the credit to make it happen,
but the loan board said "No dice!" He did tell me that I could still buy a small pickup
provided it was sold by Ford GM, or Dodge. The banks felt more comfortable lending
money for these trucks due to the fact they were sold by reputable dealers. Even today,
import car dealers must issue 10 year 100,000 warranties on all vehicles sold here in
Polk County Florida. As for me, I settled for an '84 Ford Ranger.

Ben Piff said...

Perfect amount of truck, and while I doubt they're as good as a Hilux, the rarity is tempting. Nice bumpers, along with the rest nicie.

Anonymous said...

OK we still have lots of these here in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO BUT NOT THE 4X4 MODEL ,we have the lower version which is 4x2