1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Colonnade Salon.

July 22, 2014



Richard said...

It's funny how I thought these taillights were very ugly on these cars which were around from 1973-77. Nowadays I kind a like them they make an impressionable look. The car all around with the front and rear end has a mean look to it. The only difference between now and seeing one in 1980 is that the kind of taillight design Oldsmobile used makes a bold statement as compared to being ugly when I took these cars for granted.

Spiff said...

Nice Colonnade find! It seems to have lost all its badges during the repaint, but judging by the color-keyed wheel covers and lack of side louvers, this is a "Cutlass Salon" rather than the Supreme. The Salon was kinda cool because it was aimed at the European luxury sedans (mainly the Mercedes 280 and 450SE...popular targets at the time for the Seville, Granada, Grand Am, etc.).

I love that the taillights are each just a chevron away from being giant Olds rocket logos.

Anonymous said...

It's like Final Destination 12 in the background with that trailer on that slanted driveway.

Justin said...

That shot of the tail light with the faded sticker and surface rust is awesome.

captaingizmo54 said...

An elderly friend of mine owned one of these from new! It had every bell and whistle
the Olds offered that year. Some of these were: AM/FM quadraphonic stereo W/cass-
ette, power windows, locks, and seats. 455 V-8, HD TurboHydramatic trans, 12-bolt
posi rearend, 15-inch rims W/clor-keyed wheelcovers, towing packageW/Reese hitch,
and last, but not least, a factory-installed sunroof. All this equipment was wrapped in
a Nutmeg Brown metallic paint job with a Sand Beige vinyl roof. Man that was beautiful

Tony Piff said...

the commutacar and satellite wagon are obvious "best of" material, but this thing really takes us back to opc's core mission.

so much style from every angle, not that any of it is what i want to see on my car.

the vinyl-wrapped B-pillar is unfuckwittable.

Roberto said...

Never seen or heard about these. Surprisingly clean and elegant design. Would drive.