1974 Plymouth Satellite Regent.

July 23, 2014



Justin said...

Best of 2014 candidate. That is all.

MarkusTubesNow said...



Maybe Best of OPC - Period. Really, these are wonderful shots. What an amazing car. So great to see it surviving here, in some kind of condition anyway. That would be awesome to drive.

slaggybuttonit said...

Putting in my vote for this for best of the year.

The NRA sticker is the icing on the rusty cake.

Anonymous said...

Wagonius magnificanteus. A must for best of 2014.

Mikael said...

Usually it is customary to see all of the candidates before suggesting the best ones.

My money is for Ralph Nader for U.S. President in 2016. I don't know if he's running or who else is participating in the election, but who cares, right?

As for OPC, I'm going to refrain from making suggestions in the expectation that they'll post an Opel Senator Ferguson Formula or a Group B Citro├źn BX on the 31st of December.

Anonymous said...

amazing ... another best of nod here.

Richard said...

There was an old TV show called The Rookies. It ran from 1972-76. I have the DVDs to season 1 & 2. I have noticed this show happens to use Chrysler's as their cars. I could totally see this wagon being used in one of those episodes. I like the grill of the 74 Plymouth Satellite. I also think when this car left the showroom it was probably pretty sharp with the color.

Tony Piff said...

satellite wagon??? i suppose such a thing existed.

i'm guessing the silver-gray was originally woodgrain, but i honestly cannot tell.

and it has all four hubcaps? what are the odds?!

were you torn between posting this and the commutacar as the 3000th?


also note that the rust is 100% top-down. this PNW car is dry as a bone underneath.

imagine the looks you'd get driving this. i would do it.

captaingizmo54 said...

You're right on that, Rich. Chrysler products were used 'till '74 when they switched
to Chevys. This 'un looks like a Candian model to me. I say that because Chrysler
Corp. Of Canada used that name on its Dodge vehicles that were sold in the'50's
and '60's. I used to see these cars on the road quite a bit when I lived in the Midwest
as a young man. Don't think I'd ever seen a Regent before, well, now I have!

Roberto said...

Drop the mic. This things a beast. Great find

Dave said...

Well done Ben, well done. This car is beautiful. They were handsome cars, and really well built.

Anonymous said...

@captaingizmo - you're correct that the Dodge Regent was a Canadian model in the '50s, but in this case the Regent name signified the top -trim woodgrained Satellite wagon from '71-'74.

Grumpy Cat said...

Whoa. That patina is epic. A very attractive car, plymouth did a great job intergrating those 5 mph bumpers. This car must have looked great when it rolled off the showroom floor. Isn't this Carol Brady's car on The Brady Bunch?