1977 AMC Gremlin.

July 21, 2014

1977 AMC Gremlin Hatchback.
1977 AMC Gremlin Hatchback.
1977 AMC Gremlin Hatchback.


Tony Piff said...


Richard said...

I never liked Gremlins when I was growing up. Nowadays I take a little more appreciation towards them. They were a working man's car from what I remember, which is probably the reason why you don't see anymore on the street- along with the rust problems the cars had on the East Coast.

great white tiburon said...

that looks like it says 2 litre on the side that would mean that this one has the Audi inline 4. now that you guys have found a rare 4 banger model I pose you a challenge. see if you can find a Gremlin GT, If you find one of those you will be treasure hunting champions.

Justin said...

Malaise era econoboxery at it's finest.

captaingizmo54 said...

These were working man's cars alright! A friend of mine drove one on a paper route,
and boy did that thing work! His was powered by a 258 CID 6 cylinder mated to an
auto tranny. He also made a special roof rack that held some 200 extra papers. It's
been almost 25 years now, but I can still see this thing crouched down on its haunches
every sunday morning crammed full of huge Sunday papers. He drove it 'till '93 or '94
when rear axle quit. It sure was some car!

Anonymous said...

Wayne's World! Party time, excellent....

Randy Kumpf said...

Yes ugly and easy to fix. I had a 1974 with straight six and three on the floor manual. Could burn rubber easy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon, that was a Pacer.

captaingizmo54 said...

When I was a young man, I recall our Domino's Pizza franchise in Bloomington, Illinois
used these as pizza delivery vehicles in the early '70's. These were indeed rugged
little cars that were easy to fix. They had to be to take what the teenage drivers would
dish out. I also recall taking my sister car shopping, when I came across three of them being sold as surplus. Due to the strong smell of pizza, I knew those cars were ragged
out. We finally put my sister into a '70 Mustang. But I'll always remember Domino's
Pizza for the Gremlins they drove. Perhaps Noid would've been better!

Anonymous said...

Loved the 3rd photo - great composition helped by the upswing of the body stripe. Always excellent photos and interesting cars on this site. Thanks!