1963 Rambler Ambassador 990 Cross Country.

August 30, 2014



David said...

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captaingizmo54 said...

Nice to see one of these in such good condition! I once had the job of starting a car like
this for the elderly woman who owned it. And though she could no longer drive it, she
insisted that it be started and run for at least 15 minutes a day. I got the job after she tried
to start it herself with the garage door closed! My other duties included checking the fluids
checking the tire pressure, and changing the oil when needed...it never needed it. Since I
can't see well enough to drive, my wife would drive it a few miles twice a week. The woman's
car, however, was a Classic 990 4-door sedan with just 29K miles showing! My last duties
were to get the car ready to sell for the family after the woman died in 1983. Sure would like
to work on something like that again.

Anonymous said...

Granny had one of these. Unsafe at any speed. Unsafe because it had a V8. Unsafe because it had drum brakes all around. And unsafe because it had granny driving. She could barely see over the dash.

What a tub. (The car, not so much granny....)

Anonymous said...

David is a spammer.

Tony Piff said...

a lot going on here. i remember when i first saw those wind deflectors on a rambler cross country back in what seemed like the first month of the blog. someone said they sent wind to blow rain off the back window or fill a low-pressure system or some such inconceivable thing.

definitely an old parked car.

the beltline contour that starts at the headlight and continues around the tailgate is a hilarious touch. i'm thinking that detail came from the intern.