1976 AMC Hornet X.

September 3, 2014



Tony Piff said...

nice job dealing with the shadows.

great shots.

and that apartment scene couldn't be more pnw-seattle-suburban.

Veggie said...

There is a man near me who has probably about 10 amcs either in his driveway or backyard. I think most of them run too, at least the ones in the driveway.

Frank said...

Nice! Reminds me of tho old AMC Matador. A friend had one in High School and the best feature was a gas economy gauge that read to the left "good" and to the right "bad". I think you can guess that it read "bad" most of the time.

Anonymous said...

I had a 1974 Hornet wagon which they called the "Sportabout" alothough there wasn't much of anything "Sporty" "About" it. The brakes wore like they were lined with paper, while clutches generally burned up on the way back to the auto parts store to return the previous clutch/pressure plate to get the deposit back. But it had the best 3-speed column shifter I've ever had in an American car, and girls seemed to think it was "cute". Reason enough to keep it, so I did.

captaingizmo54 said...

Yeah, I remember those too. My parents had a '72 Sportabout wagon as well. Ours was a
258 6 cylinder car fitted with an auto tranny. It was medium to dark Blue in color with what
looked like plaid seats that were also multiple shades of Blue. You were right about when
you said that there was nothing sporty about them, but ours got us to church on time until
we sold it to my grandmother who drove it many years hauling cakes and pastries for her
bakery service. My wife and I also had a ragged out '72 model when we first got married.
It suffered from terminal body cancer, and continued to run until it broke in half in 1985.
We then bought an '82 Concord wagon that served us well delivering newspapers. It was
a great old car that I wish I never sold.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I nominate photo 2 as the next OPC header photo. Great camera angle, and this car has that unique blend of intrigue and makes-ya-cringe all at once. Nice find.

Unknown said...

One of my all time faves. I'd love to get one of these PNW cars, ship it back to the midwest where I am, and stuff a SBC into it. Loads of fun...

captaingizmo54 said...

I saw one of these a few years ago running a 350 Chevy and T-400 tranny. The owner
told me that the swap was pretty much a straightforward affair--except for the huge
amount of fabrication needed to make it happen. For my money, just freshening up
the original 6 would do nicely. Companies like Bully Dog now offer bolt-on EFI kits to
give these engines more power and better fuel economy by doing away with that pesky
Carter carbeurator. But if you must build one with a V-8, please start with a basket
case. You can still find one if you look hard enough. Besides, these basket cases
deserve a second chance at life just the same as a more complete model does. I did
this with a Jaguar sedan in my youth with very satisfying results. Good luck and good
hunting, George I'm sure you'll find the right car for you.

Cash Lunsford said...

Were there not V8 hornets? What then does the "X" denote on a hornet?

RoadmasterMike said...

There were V-8 Hornets. 304's mostly, but some of the 71-74 models could have a 360. Have never seen one of the latter much less driven one but it must have been quite a ride!

The "X" package was primarily a trim option, available with any engine, any transmission.

Anonymous said...

I had a AMC Hornet with a 360 V-8 4bbl carb Dual Exhaust Posi rear, and Auto trans. It could outrun Camero's and most Mustangs all day long. Could smoke tires for solid half block.
Very fast .

Skydance said...

Does anyone know where this is? I had a 1976 Hornet X, 304V8 and I absolutely loved it until My ex totaled it. I'd love to find another.