Questionable Thursday: 1968 Pontiac GTO...or is it?

December 18, 2014



Tony S said...

Very nice.

My guess is that real GTOs are only one colour, don't have vinyl roofs. Of course, I'm no expert, and it could just be just a bad paint job.


Anonymous said...

It's a GTO. You could get them with vinyl tops from '64-'74. Although finding a '70 with a vinyl top will be very hard to do.

RoadmasterMike said...

The nose is right, hood's right, got the correct decal/emblems in the correct places. The fact that it's a bit worn is a point in it's favor sice all this stuff is repro'd and easy to add. A peek thru the windshield at the VIN would settle the matter, real GTO would have 242 as the first three digits.

The Ram Air option was rare that year....most years actually.

clifton.ra said...

Some GTOs were optioned out for luxury.
1968 was a pivotal year for the muscle car.
The upper price level GTOs competed against more premium 442, GS, GTX, Charger, 300, Wildcat, Corvette, Cougar, and Marauder. Some of these could be in the low price range, depending on how they were optioned. A GTX typically had more luxury than a Road Runner.
The low price entry muscle was Chevelle, Road Runner, and GTO. Mustang, Torino, Camaro, Firebird, Javalin, AMX, Barracuda, and ScRambler. Some of the low price models could get pricey with luxury and muscle options, too.
And, then there were the dealer tweaks.

Justin said...

Like how ratty this one is, could use some faded & dirty Ansen Sprints as far as wheels go.

Tristán Tzara said...

this car looks more than a le mans or tempest series than a gto, because don't have a lot of air scoops of this years. Also the rear spoiler too.
Could be a yard parts pontiac ...