1988 Volkswagen Fox wagon.

December 25, 2014



sexyhammer said...

this is almost a shooting brake from the proportions in the profile shot. that rear glass - even half-obscured by snow - must be impossible to replace.

great winter beater, annual maintenance is probably equal to the depreciation at this point. some snow tires and maybe chains... there's not really enough power here to get you in trouble and the bulk of the curb weight is planted right where you want it.

RoadmasterMike said...

Ah, for those innocent bygone days when we were allowed to buy a two-door station wagon. Or a two door anything, for that matter.

I remember these as being VW's entry-level car back in the day. Weren't they built in South America to avoid the unfavorable Mark/Dollar exchange rate?

Anonymous said...

Yes, these cars were sourced from Brazil.

Thomas said...

VW Polo hatchback in Europe.

Looks more like a wagon but Polo didn't really have a wagon at that time, you'd need a Golf or Passat for it and those had 4 doors as wagons. (Currently driving a '90 Passat.)

Real oddity for me, I think this was never imported here (=northern EU).