1971 Chevrolet Suburban.

December 24, 2014



Tony S said...

This is a really nice one. So evocative of the era. Has it been lowered a bit?

Interesting fact: Only one door on the drivers side, two on the passenger side.

This looks like a '68 -- turn signals in the lower part of the grill, gives it that odd sort of sheepish look.

RoadmasterMike said...

Always liked these trucks, along with the related pickups and Blazers from the same era. I'd have to boost the ride height a bit and find some NOS emblems but otherwise she's perfect as she sits.

Merry Christmas to OPC'ers everywhere!

clifton.ra said...

A barbershop shave.

sexyhammer said...

this thing resembles an aerobus with fewer windows in the third picture. gives it an entirely different presence when it's sitting on the ground like that.

it could also be an early rural ambulance or heavy-duty hearse with those side-by-side back doors.

one of my favorite internet builds came from a chevy forum where the owner added another door to the driver side, equally for practicality's sake and to show off his impressive fabrication skills.

captaingizmo54 said...

I used to ride in one of these to school every day when I was young. Seems the school
district used them as mini busses to transport their disabled students. The one I rode in was
a '71 or '72 model on 3/4 ton chassis. And like this one, it only had 3 doors. I always
wondered why a fourth door wasn't added. It certainly would've made it easier for folks to
get in and out of the truck! These things looked great as panel trucks too!

Justin said...

Looks real mean lowered with those dogdishes. Like the silver & black two tone as well.

matty8371 said...

You guys know your stuff as far as models, years, etc., but unless someone has changed out the whole front clip, then this is a '68...