1980 AMC Eagle SX4.

December 16, 2014



great white tiburon said...

my lord, what a find, the amc sports car that can go anywhere. my desire for one of these is very strong. just seeing one of these on the trail is cool.

Tony Piff said...

what the.

is that primer black or oxidized factory black?

are these 4wd eagles any good?

because it looks like it would be the best thing ever.

great white tiburon said...

someone sprayed it with flat black paint you can see a little over spray on the taillights and the emblems are all black too. as far as being good, it depends on what you mean. is it good off-road, yes it is fully capable off road as is any jeep or 4x4, some people even lift these even more and put grand wagoneer axles on them. it makes it a little better mechanically because it eliminates the vacuum system that engages the front diff on the stock setup, I heard those vacuum systems were a little finicky at times from other eagle owners. other than that they are pretty good cars, tried and true straight 6, you could get a 4 pot but i think the 4.2 was the most popular. some people even fit 304 V8's in. that's what I like about amc, a lot of their cars shared body panels and drive trains so you could take parts from other amc's and bolt them right up for instance all this car is is a factory lifted 4wd amc spirit with an eagle grille.it looks like a rally bred sports car with the extra lift and bulging flares. it's truly a testament to amc's ingenuity and ability to work with what they had on hand to put out things like this. so imo it is good, it has practical uses but it's not everybody's cup of tea.

Jedia said...

The Germans gave us the mighty Quattro.

The Americans... well, at least they tried. Kind of.

Justin said...

The Eagle is way more reliable than a Quattro and costs less.